Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Heard Around the House

The Truth Laid Bear
Mom: "Jason, I believe everytime I look you've grown another inch." (All children race to measure against each other to see who is the tallest. Jason is the tallest at nearly 6 ft.)

Joshua : "Hey, I'm just about as tall as Kristin!" (He's 13 years old and 5' 8")

Mom: "Yeah, you're getting real close." (All children gather around me and begin to tell me how short I am.)

Kristin: (measuring herself against me) "Mom, you may be a large mammal in the blogosphere but around here you're quickly becoming an insignificant microbe."

A Lesson In Courtship
With three teenage children the topic of courtship comes up frequently. While we were cleaning off the bookshelves, Joshua came across the book I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris.

Joshua: "That's a dumb title for a book."

Mom: "Why?"

Joshua: "It's really not a big deal to 'kiss dating goodbye'." (said with a hint of sarcasm.) Just about everybody does it.

Mom: "Not really, there are many people who don't look at finding a spouse the way we do. They keep dating around until they find the right one."

Joshua: "Yeah, but eventually most DO get married. And when they walk back down the aisle from the altar, they've just "kissed dating goodbye"!

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