Friday, January 20, 2006

Global Consumers of Education

We are told constantly that we need prepare our children to compete in the global economy. That American children are falling behind so many other countries. John Stoessel's 20/20 special highlighted Belgium but it could be said about many other countries. So I thought it was interesting that the Koreans are sending their children to the US to escape the "education rat race"

More and more Koreans are choosing to split their families to try to escape Korea's gruelling school system, which is based on endless hours of rote learning, in favour of a better education and a more balanced life abroad for their children.
This often leaves the fathers in the native country while the mother travels abroad with the children. They pay a high price in the loss of national identity and transferring of individual family values. But to some this cost is worth it.

Outsourcing: Homework
Meanwhile, here in the US many of our students stay right her but travel electronically to other countries for homework help. Many parents who are frustrated with the high cost of tutoring here in the US have found that online tutoring is cheaper and just as effective. There is one big difference. These tutors live often live in India or some other country. Companies such as Growing Stars help children complete homework and study for tests. In order to offer a more cost effective service the teachers are located in Inda. They work via the internet on " virtual whiteboards" while the teacher guides them through their studies.

The UN Saves the Day
Maybe we ought to just have the UN establish a Department of Education. That way we can have global standards and everyone everywhere can learn the same things. Oh wait, Bill Gates already thought of that. He is already working with UNESCO to develop and implement global curriculum and standards. Beginning with universal primary education. Bummer, he always thinks up the good ideas first. And now maybe the Koreans won't have to leave Korea to get the same education as the Americans. We will truly become a world where....

aucun enfant n'est laisse
nessun bambino e lasciato
no se deja ningun niƱo detras
No Child Is Left Behind

Viva the UN!

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