Tuesday, January 03, 2006

For the children????

The next time the National Education Association (NEA) whines about the need for more money for educating our nation's children, they might think about making a donation on behalf of their union. Under new rules, the large unions must disclose how they spend union members' dues money. Here's a few "charities" that benefit from the generosity of the NEA. According to the Education Intelligence Agency and the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal the union gave away $65 million last year to groups such as

* Human Rights Campaign (working for gay rights): $15,000
* Jesse Jackson's Rainbow PUSH Coalition ($5,000)
* Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN): $5,000
* People for the American Way: $51,200
* Democratic Leadership Council: $25,750
* The Fund to Protect Social Security: $400,000
* The Wellstone Memorial: $5,000
* Valis Associates: $200,000. This lobbying firm was hired by NEA for the particular purpose of outreach to the Republican Party.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the top executive at the NEA Reg Weaver makes $439,000 a year. The NEA has a just over 600 employees but a payroll of $58 million.

And the list goes on. The union fought the disclosure requirement. I can see why. Union dues are mandatory. The goal of most unions is to gain better wages and benefits for its workers. I wonder how these contributions fit with that objective.

If it wasn't obvious before, it should be now - Homeschool.

La Shawn Barber mentioned this post today and adds this thought

Now, if only home and private schoolers were exempt from paying taxes to support government schools, there would be harmony in the universe at last.
We'll get there La Shawn one blog at a time.

Junkyard Blog weighs in with a few of the dirty little secrets of the NEA. He adds this kicker

You're paying for the NEA's leftwing political activism when you pay public school teachers' salaries.
UPDATE: In a news story from USAToday.com, "Schools Asks Parents to Pay Before Logging On", a school district in a quiet suburb of LA is asking parents to pay $1500 for a laptop for their children. Gasp! Shouldn't the state give them one for free? One parent said,
'What? You must be joking, I think it's unfair that the (school district) is requiring us to 'pay to learn.'
Many believe this is a form of financial segregation. The President of the NEA, Reg Weaver laments, the issue isn't computers but money.

"If there was (adequate) funding there, no kid would have to worry about whether or not their parents choose for them to have a computer,"
I think I know of a union somewhere that has some spare change. Mr. Weaver why don't you ask them for some help?

Looking for help in homeschooling?
There are loads of resources available. The Old Schoolhouse and Homeshooling A to Z are two excellent websites to check out.

Also, check out the Carnival of Homeschooling which opened today at Why Homeschool.

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