Monday, January 23, 2006

A Final Thought on End of the Spear

I did go see End of the Spear with my older children. I don't plan on doing a personal review of the film. However, I did find an interesting interview Mart Green, Founder and CEO of Every Tribe Entertainment, did with Christianity Today in 2004. His vision for Every Tribe Entertainment is bring quality, inspiring stories to the big screen. He said,

We have to compete with other films by making films of quality, but we're also looking for great stories. That doesn't mean we wouldn't mind having a Tom Hanks in our films, but he'd still have to serve the story. The story will be the star.
Sadly, I think that Mr. Green achieved his first goal of making a quality film but he missed it on the second goal. The star has become the story and not the other way around. That's unfortunate because Nate Saint's story is powerful. He should not have to play under study to any actor.

Blogger Jason Janz at Sharper Iron had a conversation with Mart Green you may also find interesting.

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