Monday, January 16, 2006

Eighth Grade Boy Dies

Christopher Penley, 15-year-old was shot by police after brandishing a pellet gun. I pray for this family in their time of grief. From CBS 5 News: Here's the comment from a neighbor whose son was friends with the young man who died.

Kelly Swofford, a neighbor whose 11-year-old son is close friends with Penley, said he visited their home Thursday night and complained that "people were picking on him at school. I told him he needed to talk to his guidance counselor."Her son Jeffery said Penley talked about wanting to die when the two had breakfast Friday morning. He said Penley had been fighting with another boy, allegedly over a girl.

Obviously, the neighbor did not know the seriousness of this child's problems. But it is interesting that the young man told his friend to go to the school's guidance counselor and not his parents with his concerns.

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