Monday, January 23, 2006

Carnivals and Bloggers

Homeschooling Carnival
The Common Room is hosting the Carnival of Homeschooling. She employs the wisdom of one of my favorite writers, Charlotte Mason, to help categorize the posts. Here's a sample,
"..we might hope that, instead of shutting up our books when we leave school or college, each of us, under ninety say, would have his days varied and the springs of life renewed by periods of definite study: we should all be students, the working-man as well as the man of leisure."
Other bloggers of note....
Tim Challies had an excellent post called The Profound Blessings of Blogging. Here's a quote

Too often people gauge the success or failure of a blog or a particular article within a blog by how much interest and attention it gains. Sites that receive a lot of traffic are assumed to be better than those that gain only a handful of readers. Articles that generate 100 comments are deemed better than those that receive only 5. I feel that this betrays a wrong attitude. It could be that the greatest value in blogging is in the hearts of those who write. The time they spend in sweet fellowship with the Lord writing and studying should bring them great satisfaction. If God chooses to use a site or an article to touch other people's lives, then may He receive all the glory.
Update on Jackson Bortz. Please take a minute to go and encourage this family. They buried their five month old on Sunday and Department of Family and Child Services didn't even have the decency to bring their older brother to the funeral. Amazingly, the judge said in court yesterday that DFCS doesn't need to follow the judge's orders. So DFCS is unaccountable and above the law. I love my country but I fear my government comes to mind right now. To come up to speed on this case read From Tragedy to Nightmare.

Blest With Sons is talking about American Idols. Not the TV show but the TV itself. She's examining our infatuation with entertainment. Very thought provoking. I wrote about our family's attitude toward TV in a Don't Control the Remote.... My husband, Steve, also wrote an article a while back called They Didn't Have TV During the Civil War.

Steve also wrote up the story of how our family acquired the Civil War diary of his Great Great Grandfather. It's an amazing story about how God orchestrated the events and used e-bay to connect our family with this heirloom bible. God Still Works Miracles.

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