Saturday, January 14, 2006

20/20 show: Stupid America

I managed to muster up the energy to watch the whole 20/20 episode Stupid in America: How we cheat our kids. Here's some things from my notes:

Favorite quote came from Kevin Chavous of the Center for Education Reform. He said, "America doesn't know what it doesn't know." And that's exactly the way many in our government want it to stay. The perfect dependency class.

Public School Police: The most amazing moment came when the parents voluntarily let officials in from the California school district in to see if the children actually lived there. What on earth are they thinking when they let them in their bedrooms?

Choice seems to be the solution: Parents have a choice. They are choosing to have the government take their money and their children. While it doesn't seem as though we can do much about taking of the money, I don't understand why these parents are waiting for the government to give them school choice. No education is better for a lot of the children shown here. Can the parents do much worse?

Kipp Academy: They showed the school that I blogged about in Poster Children for the State. No surprises there.

Belgium Education: They really made our school children look bad. But then so did Jay Leno so I can't fault them too much. The NEA could learn from the administrators there about competition and monopolies.

Union Leaders in New York: Their meetings looked more like a student pep rally. I laughed out loud when the leader (missed her name) said that those who criticize the union don't care about the children. And I'm assuming that's why she consented to working an extra 10 minutes a day in their new contract. Because she cares so much more. As Stossel is fond of saying, "Give me a break!"

Homeschooling: Disappointed they didn't include that segment.

John Stossel said at the end he's hoping to start a debate on public education. I hope he does. His forum has been active. The comments predictable. Here's one poster "correcting" the errors of Mr. Stossel and showing his bias toward the religious right. And of course, we are to believe the NEA has no bias of its own. Yeah right.

Another commentor blamed the parents and wanted to rename the show Stupid Parents in America. He said, "What we need is for someone to stand up and broadcast a show about stupid parents in America!!!!!

And just where did these "stupid parents" get their education?????????

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