Friday, December 02, 2005

Say it isn't so

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Not again. A 14 year old homeschooled boy is accused of murdering a 14 year old girl.

Before police led him away, murder suspect Patrick Armstrong leaned over a low wooden railing in Augusta District Court and disappeared into his father's arms. For five days, public attention focused on Marlee Johnston, the 14-year-old girl whose promising life was inexplicably ended in the woods near her family's home in Fayette. On Thursday, the public got its first look at Armstrong and saw that he's not only her accused killer, but another 14-year-old who needed comfort from his parents.(snip)

[Armstrong] has been home-schooled his entire life, has no criminal history. But he aid he was aware that police are examining a personal Internet Web site that includes some troubling references. The site is believed to be Armstrong's and, according to sources, became part of the investigation shortly after the killing.


The sad thing is that youth murdering another youth is becoming so common that this will be news for a few days and then fade away from our memory. Remember Columbine? Apparently, Armstrong listed murderer Eric Harris as his hero on his website.

Our youth are crying out when will we hear them?

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