Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Proverbs to live by

Sherry at Semicolon posted about Benjamin Franklin and listed a few of his sayings. This post reminded me of a day a few years back when we were reading about Ben and his wisdom. I challenged the children to come up with a few maxims of their own. The two that I still remember came from my son. He said,

If pride goes before a fall, you won't be first after all.
Being in a hurry, never saves you worry.

Those are both excellent reminders as we await the winners of the blog awards. I'm sure a lot of bloggers are wondering who won. So am I. You'll find out just as soon as I do. Stay tuned.

I attended the funeral of my dear friend's mother yesterday. This has me a little drained so my maxim of the day would be

Life is short, hug your mom.

If you're still looking for something more to read then check out my husband's blog today. He shares about our family's favorite gift this year in a post called The Best Present of All.

And since I'm on roll with family members, Spunky Jr. wonders how eating goldfish makes you draw closer to the Lord. The story of the youth group made me think of a frat party hazing not a church youth group activity. After you read her post, you may want to read The Youth Group Question.

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