Friday, December 09, 2005

Predestination anyone?

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I didn't take any offense at those who disagreed with my stance on Narnia. Nor do I judge anyone for going to see it. I honestly didn't think what I said was all that earth shattering. But I guess it was. I understand that there are those who want to show Disney we support them when they do something good. Obviously, my not seeing it isn't going to affect them. In the end the strategy may work. Time will tell.

But in an effort to lighten the discussion I thought I would talk about something a little less controversial today - Predestination. Just kidding. This is not a theology blog. So you'll have to look somewhere else for that discussion.

I know there have been many who have been visiting for the first time from various places and this is also awards time. So I thought I'd repeat one of my favorite posts.

Successful Bloggers and Homeschoolers

Catez asked the question "Are you a successful blogger?" To be honest, the idea of a "successful blogger" is of little concern to me. Sure, I blog. But I'm not seeking to be a successful blogger. Why? Because blogging is a tool that I use to be successful at something far more important. And that is, the discipleship of my children and a witness for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

So asking me if I am a successful blogger is a little like asking the carpenter if he is a successful "hammerer". (I know that's not a word!) But if he uses a hammer correctly, he will build a better house. I feel the same way about my blogging. If I use my blogging correctly, I will accomplish the larger goals I have set out.

The same is also true about homeschooling. When I first starting homeschooling I thought about all the things that would make homeschooling a success. And I often compared myself to other families and used them as the way to determine my success. (Just like I'm tempted to do in blogging.) And to no great surprise, I usually come up short. I seemed to be unable to measure up to the mythical standard of the "perfect homeschool family".

Many families give up at this point. Thinking that they have somehow failed their children, they hope a different school arrangement will accomplish what they have "failed" to do. But over the years, I have noticed that it rarely does. Why? Because it's not a method it's a Man.

Just in the past few months adultery, divorce, and suicide have all touched our local homeschool community. Homeschooling is not the salvation of our culture. Jesus is. Homeschooling will not make a family successful. Jesus does. Homeschooling will not keep a child from rebellion. Jesus does. Homeschooling will not keep a marriage strong. Jesus does. And the minute, I think that homeschooling will do any of these things, is the day I begin the slide toward defeat. Homeschooling will not build a successful family any more than a hammer will build a successful house.

Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it. Psalm 127:1

Don't expect homeschooling to do what homeschooling was not designed to do. So if you find yourself, as I often have, in a panic because you think you are not meeting the standard of a "successful homeschooler". Think again and give up the "mythical standard." Don't compare yourself to those around you. Fix your eyes on HIM. Don't give up homeschooling. (A carpentar would be lost without his hammer.) Give it back to the Master Craftsman and let HIM design your family according to his specifications and for HIS glory.

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