Thursday, December 08, 2005

Narnia NOT - and other thoughts

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Is anyone else in America NOT going to see Narnia? Or are we the only ones? We went through the series as a read aloud and enjoyed them. But I'm not interested in any movie put out by Disney. They ought to rename that company Depravity. One "good" movie won't change my mind either. Maybe when they start pulling the MANY "bad" ones OFF the market I will reconsider. (Update: Amy Loves Books shares her thoughts after seeing the movie. They are worth reading.)

Family Read Alouds
Speaking of C.S. Lewis, we just finished reading The Great Divorce as a read aloud. It took a few chapters to get into but we all enjoyed it. We began Mere Christianity last night. We are also reading The Christmas Box by Evans. . It is a short story so I think we'll have time for one more before Christmas arrives. I would love to hear your family's recommendation for a Christmas read aloud.

Churches Shutting On Christmas Day
And that brings me to one final thought about churches shutting their doors on Christmas Day. This is mostly the doing of the mega churches who consider it a family day even though Christmas is on Sunday. I cannot add much to what Ben Worthington said about this so I'll just quote him,

Our culture does not need any encouragement to be more self-centered and narcissistic or to stay at home on Sunday. It is already that way. Christmas above all else should be a day when we come together as the body of Christ to worship and adore the Lord Jesus. Christmas should be the day above all days where we don't stay home and open all those things we bought for ourselves INSTEAD of going to church. Christmas should be the day when we forget about ourselves for a few hours and go and honor the birthday of the great King, our Savior.
I wonder if Narnia opened on Christmas Day would the Christians stay home then?

Confessor blogged about it here. Agent Tim has blogged about this topic as well and JollyBlogger had this post up with some links.

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