Monday, December 26, 2005

Monday Returns

It's the Monday after Christmas. Thankfully we won't be making many returns. Our Christmas was simple this year and so was our gift giving.

But after a few days off, I am returning to the computer. I haven't been on much since Thursday. Here are some items of note.

Homeschool Blog Awards
Today is the last day to vote in the Homeschool Blog Awards. Voting will end at midnight (EST). Winners will be announced as soon as voting ends and votes are tabulated.

Changes in the Michigan Graduation Requirement
The Michigan State School Board has approved a change to the graduation requriements in the state. Included is a change to require the students to take atleast one online course. And if you require an online course, you have to have a computer. So I'm sure next on the agenda will be a computer for all students at taxpayer expense. What course they should take has not been defined. All students would also be required to take the Michigan Merit Exam. This was formerly the MEAP but is now it is combined with the ACT which was at one time optional. The state is also picking up the tab for those costs as well. (HT: Joanne Jacobs)

Forum On Education
I will be attending a forum on education in a few weeks. It is hosted by my State Senator Bruce Patterson and will include our State Superintendent of Schools Mike Flanagan. I have a few questions on my list. If you could ask your state officials anything in regards to education, what would it be?

The Carnival of Homeschooling
Given the ever increasing number of homeschool blogs out there, Henry Cate at Why Homeschool has decided it's time for homeschooling to have its own carnvial. A carnival is a collection of blogs written on a general topic. Each week the carnival will be hosted at at a different blog. The first carnival will be hosted by Why Homeschooling. Submissions are due by January 2. You can get all the details here. For a wonderful example of a carnival see the Carnival of Education hosted by Edwonk.

The Week Between
I will be spending the week between Christmas and New Years deep cleaning every room in my house. What do you do in the week between the two holidays?

Tapestry of Grace
We will be continuing into our study of the 20th Century using Tapestry of Grace in January. Some readers have asked me to spend a little time talking about this curriculum and how it works for our family. I am finishing that post and it should be up soon.

Blogging History
One of the topics in our study this year was the Russian Revolution. I was excited to find Melissa's blog, My Side of the Mountain. She has been posting letters written by her grandmother. Her grandmother lived in Russia and also a Polish orphanage during the 1920's. There is nothing better than an eyewitness account of history. Melissa is also my selection for the Featured Blogger on the HSB Front Porch this week.

The Front Porch
The HSB Front Porch has also posted about an online writing contest for children in grades 4-8.
Portico Books and Thumbprint Press, publishers of books for children, are pleased to announce the first-ever international Writing Contest for One-of-a-Kind Kids. This year's contest is The Grannie Annie - A Family Story Celebration. Students in grades 4-8 will interview family members and write a 250- to 500-word story from their family's history. At least ten stories will be selected for publication in Grannie Annie, Vol. I, a paperback book. For full contest details are here
Well I better get off the computer and start my cleaning. It's the bedrooms today. Don't foget to vote.

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