Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Intelligent Design

From the Washington Post, Judge Rules Against 'Intelligent Design.
U.S. District Judge John E. Jones III, a Republican appointed by President Bush, did not confine his opinion to the missteps of a local school board. Instead he explicitly sought to vanquish intelligent design, the argument that aspects of life are so complex as to require the hand, subtle or not, of a supernatural creator. This theory, he said, relies on the unprovable existence of a Christian God and therefore is not science.
Why do parents keep fighting these battles with the schools?

Referring back to an article from Fox News Why Fight Over Intelligent Design from November,

We're fighting because the institution of public schooling forces us to, by permitting only one government-sanctioned explanation of human origins. The only way for one side to have its views reflected in the official curriculum is at the expense of the other side.

This manufactured conflict serves no public good.

The sad truth is that state-run schooling has created a multitude of similarly pointless battles. Nothing is gained, for instance, by compelling conformity on school prayer, random drug testing, the set of religious holidays that are worth observing, or the most appropriate forms of sex education.

Fortunately, there is a way to end the cycle of educational violence: parental choice. Why not reorganize our schools so that parents can easily get the sort of education they value for their own children without having to force it on their neighbors?

But in the meantime, just because they take your money doesn't mean they have to have your children's mind too.

For more reading check out Sam Alibrando author of the book, Nature Never Stops Talking. He had an excellent post a while back that is worth reading. Football and Science - There are rules.

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