Friday, December 30, 2005

Homeschool Blog Award Winners

Blog Awards

Best Homeschooling Mom Blog:
Here at the Bonny Glen
True Blue Semi-Crunchy Mama

Best Homeschooling Dad Blog:
Doug Phillips

Best Homeschooling Family Blog:
Large Family Logistics

Best Homeschooling Teen Blog:
The Rebelution

Best Informational Homeschooling Blog:
Mental Multivitamin

Best Inspirational Homeschooling Blog:
Holy Experience
Fearlessly Feminine (student)

Best Homeschooling Humor Blog:
Danielle Bean

Best Team/Group Homeschooling Blog:
Choosing Home
Beauty from the Heart (student)

Best Homeschool Curriculum/Business:
Cindy Rushton
Still Thinking (student)

Best Homeschool Blog Template Design:
Classical Education 4 Me
Agent Tim (student)

Best Canadian Homeschooling Blog:
Poppins Classical Academy
Oneway Purpose (student)

Best International Homeschool Blog:
Wired Wisdom

Best Current Events Homeschool Blog:
The Common Room
Legal Redux (student)

Best Homeschooling Arts Blog:
A Circle of Quiet
Rhetorical Response (student)

Best Homeschooling Photo Blog:
My Smoky Mtn. Homeschool/A Picture is Worth a 1000 words

Many thanks to...

...Jake Smith of StillThinking for the programming assistance.

...the young ladies at Beauty from the Heart who spent many hours assisting me.

...Jay from Cleveland and Andrea at A Typical Homeschool. They designed blog buttons for all the nominees and winners.

...HomeschoolBuzz for helping to promote the blog awards!

I would like to award a special honor to The Education Wonks. While they are not homeschoolers they are a great encouragement and support to the homeschool school blog world.


The random blog promo goes to....

The Upward Call

All winners will receive an one year subscription to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. Winners will also be featured in Spunky's column in the Spring 2005 issue.

As an added bonus, the three winners in the Mom Category will win Secrets of Successful Homeschooling.

To claim your prize, please send an email to: spunkyhomeschool [at] yahoo [dot] com

In the email, please include your name and address for the subscription and your choice of blog button with the correct category.

Congratulations to all who particpated in the Homeschool Blog Awards. Remember we are not really competitors in the blogosphere. We are here to learn and encourage one another. The awards have made many aware of new and different blogs. That has made this endeavor a complete success. And, we have reposted the list of nominees for you to visit!

And don't forget Why Homeschool is hosting the first Carnival of Homeschooling. That's another excellent way to learn what others in the homeschool blogosphere are talking about.

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