Thursday, December 15, 2005

God NO, Santa Yes!

What's a teacher to do? She is forbidden to tell the students there is a God but is required to tell the children there IS a Santa Claus. Atleast that's what a school down in Richardson Texas is saying. She dared tell her little charges the truth about Santa and the parents responded with enough fire to melt the North Pole. Here's what Michael Millett had to say, "
When you take a 6-year-old and tell him [there's no Santa], you got to spend how much time to get him to believe again. The damage is done,"
The teacher was forced to tell the children that she actually talked to Santa and that the spirit of the Holidays are alive and well. How reassuring. Never mind that the season has nothing to do with Santa and everything to do with Jesus. We don't want to confuse the poor dears with the truth at such a young age. Never mind, how much time God's going to have to spend getting them to believe again. The damage is already done.

And here's one final thought...If Santa knows if we've been bad or good and lying is bad. What does that mean for the teachers down in....oh never mind, Merry Santamas to all and to all a good night.

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