Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bless The Lord

How do I measure whether a picture book is any good? Usually with one simple test - The Again Test. After reading the book aloud, one of the children will say, "Again! Read it Again!" At the same time I won't be groaning inside thinking, "No, Not Again!" Then I know I've found a good book. Using that rigorous standard, Johannah Bluedorn's book Bless the Lord passes with flying colors.

When we first received the book, my nine year old daughter just stared at the cover illustrations and said, "Wow!" I knew then this book would be special. The pages inside are made of heavy weight paper. That quality is important to me. A good picture book needs to stand up to multiple turnings. And trust me, you'll want to turn the pages again and again in this book. The words are taken directly from the King James Version of the 103rd Psalm. Accompanying each verse is an absolutely beautiful illustration depicting old-fashion family life. The pages are bright and colorful, holding the interest of even my youngest child. As I read the verse, she often traces her fingers over one of the animals or tries to count the flowers in the border. Each time we snuggle up to read, we notice something different in the pictures. More importantly, because she wants to read the book "again" we have memorized the 103rd Psalm without much effort at all.

This book is the second in a series. The first was Unless the Lord Build the House Psalm 127. She has also published Little Bitty Baby Learns Hebrew, The Story of Mr. Pippin, and my personal favorite My Mommy My Teacher. The story of a day with a homeschooling, farm family. Johannah Bluedorn was homeschooled and self taught in art.

I would encourage all who are looking for quality childrens literature to check out Johannah Bluedorn's books. Around here they have become favorites. Each one quietly demanding to be read again and again. You can find all these books and those of her family members at their website, Trivium Pursuit.

Bless the Lord was provided free for my review. To find out how you can become a reviewer visit Stacy at Mind & Media.

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