Tuesday, November 15, 2005

University Bans Bible Study for RA

I live near the University of Michigan. It is a virtual melting pot of the "tolerant" philosphy in our culture today. Whether in the dorm or around campus it seems that diversity and freedom of expression are thriving. U of M is not unique. It seems most universities today in effort to be demonstrate "diversity" and will allow an encourage just about any type of behavior and belief. However, at the University of Wisconsin, the line seems to be drawn at the bible. A resident advisor has been banned from participating in a private bible study in his dormitory. Here's the story from FrontPagemagazine.com
The controversy began on July 26, when an administrator banned RAs from leading private, non-school-sponsored Bible studies in their dorms out of concern that students might feel "judged" and that Bible study-leading RAs might not be sufficiently "approachable." Undergraduate RA Lance Steiger contacted FIRE, which on October 10 asked UWEC Interim Chancellor Vicki Lord Larson to lift the Bible study ban. Receiving no response, FIRE took the case public on November 2, resulting in public outcry and condemnation of the policy from state and national lawmakers.

Finally, in a November 8 letter, the University of Wisconsin's general counsel attempted to justify the Bible study ban by claiming that UWEC has "consistently followed" a "viewpoint neutral" policy prohibiting RAs from organizing or leading "all organization [sic] or activities." This claim contradicts UWEC's own job description for RAs, which gives RAs the responsibility "[t]o help organize and promote educational, recreational, social, and cultural activities that the students want and need," and asks them to "actively assist" in the "political" programs of the dorm.
So its okay for a high school in CA to have a "condom club" for ninth graders but a college resident advisor cannot hold a private bible study in their dorm room? And these are the people you want to impart "wisdom" to my children? No thanks.

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