Monday, November 21, 2005

This Story Speaks For Itself

Court clears school of pushing religion with lesson on Islam . Any guess which court they're talking about? The infamous Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Michelle Malkin links to the disputed curriculum. (PDF) here's what it said in the introduction.

The assignment was designed to last 10 -15 days and inlcuded a lesson in Muslim prayers with quotes from the Qur'an. They were also requried to memorize five popular proverbs and explain what they mean. I wonder what the Christian children were supposed to do during this assignment. Their grade was dependent on their successful completion of all exercises. Furthermore, what will Christian parents and children do now that the court has effectively ruled in favor of teaching Islam?

Should Christian children be made to "pretend" to be Islamic and recite from the Qur'an in order to evangelize their fellow classmates?

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