Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Seven Undeniable Truths of Homeschooling

While surfing one of my favorite sites, Trivium Pursuit, I came upon the Seven Undeniable Truths of Homeschooling wrtitten by Harvey Bluedorn. Here are the first three with a brief excerpts of his explanation taken from his website:

1. Homeschooling is not Alternative Education
I do not like being listed among alternative options in education. The presumption seems to be that government schools were here first, then private schools were invented as an alternative for rich kids, then religious schools were started for racist conservatives, and finally, homeschools came along for the terminally antisocial.

Well, I am here to say, we were here first, and we have been here the longest. We are just coming back, and we are coming back strong. God put children in the care of parents. Adam and Eve's kids were all Homeschooled. And in Deuteronomy 6:6 we read,
...these words,which I command thee this day,shall be in thine heart:And thou shalt teach themdiligently unto thy children,and shalt talk of themwhen thou sittest in thine house,and when thou walkest by the way,and when thou liest down,and when thou risest up.
If that's not Homeschooling, I don’t know what is.

2, 2. All Parents are Homeschoolers
The second undeniable truth of Homeschooling is that all parents are Homeschoolers. It's just that some parents Homeschool more than others.

3. God Gave Children to Parents as their Stewardship
The third undeniable truth of Homeschooling is that our children are given to us as a stewardship from God. The government did not give birth to our children, neither did the government give our children to us, neither can we trust the government to raise them for us, neither should we let the government take them from us.

"Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord:and the fruit of the womb is His reward."(Psalm 127:3)

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The Undeniable TRUTH of Spunky Homeschool:
To those readers coming over from Daryl's site. I DID NOT ban him from commenting on my site. You can read his comment here at my other blog (it looks the same). He posted a comment there and it is still there. Not sure why he thinks I banned him. I did delete a second comment that talked about a typo. I fixed the typo and deleted the second comment. (The first comment says editted by SpunkyHomeschool.) I think he has confused my two websites. Oh well. I hope Daryl will clear that up soon! And maybe take a nap too! I think he must be working too hard.

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