Friday, November 04, 2005

Open Blog Saturday!

This was orginally supposed to be another Open Blog Friday, but the sun was shining and we went to the park for quite a while yesterday. But I enjoyed last week's open blog that I thought I'd repeat it again this week. So feel free to let me know what's on your mind or blog. Here's a few things going on around here a few items I just didn't get time to blog about in more detail.

Parental Rights? Not in the public schools: This is a must read post for every parent concerned about the direction of education in this country. This week the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed a case brought by parents upset over a very explicit survey given to elemenatary aged students. In a unanimous decision they ruled against the parents complaint. It's not suprising that our schools are taking on more and more parental responsibility what's so sad is that more and more parents are just letting it happen.

Heaven Without Christ?: I am reading John Piper's new book, God is the Gospel. (Thanks to Stacy at Mind and Media.) In the introduction he asks the questions. Would you be happy in heaven if everything were perfect, no sin, no sickness, no problem but NO Christ? That's an interesting question especially when so often we live our daily lives as if Christ and His Word do not matter much. However, it is only because of a love for Christ that we can enjoy any of the blessings that are result of God's love for us. I hope we all begin to answer no to this question and live accordingly.

Defying Logic: We are going through The Thinking Toolbox by the Bluedorn's. We're having a great time. I know it doesn't seem right to enjoy logic. I took a fair amount of in college and never remember laughing while I studied it. A few tears maybe but never laughter. But everytime we read a lesson we find ourselves laughing outloud.

More on the Bluedorns: Thank you to Laurie Bluedorn for sending me a complimentary set of the books her daughter Johannah illustrated. They are beautiful (see left photo). I am so impressed with her talent and the whole Bluedorn family. Their father Harvey Bluedorn also has a list on his website that is excellent it's called The Ten Undeniable Truths of Homeschooling.

I'm impressed by my own two year old too: No, she's not doing logic or drawing pictures like Johanna but I think she's equally brilliant. She received a new set of glasses last week with bifocals. We put them on and she looked up, smiled, and said "New bifocals!" I didn't even know she knew the word let alone what they were. Do all parents think their kids are the smartest in the world?
Homeschooling: Ann from Holy Experience sent me a link to an article called Reflections on the Right Use of SchoolStudies with a View to the Love of God. It's all about building a habit of attentiveness in our studies so that we can be attentive in prayer and before God. Here's are two quote that I especially liked,

Students must therefore work without any wish to gain good marks, to pass examinations, to win school successes; without any reference to their natural abilities and tastes; applying themselves equally to all their tasks, with the idea that each one will help form in them the habit of that attention which is the substance of prayer. (snip)

We do not obtain the most precious gifts by going in search of them but by waiting for them. Man cannot discover them by his own powers, and if he sets out to seek for them he will find in their place counterfeits of which he will be unable to discern falsity.

This is almost completely opposite the philosophy of the young man I blogged about a few days ago.

Tapestry of Grace: We are in the midst of World War One and the Russian Revolution. This is one time I wish my paternal grandfather were alive. He fled Ukrainia in 1917 to come to the Ellis Island as a young man of 17. Shortly thereafter, he moved to Detroit and worked as an assemblyman at Ford Motor Company. He died before I was born and never talked about his life before coming here. He left his whole family behind to start a one here. How hard that must have been. I am told I have many relatives back in the Ukraine but unfortunately finding them would be extremely difficult. But the history he left behind would make the history we are studying today so much richer and real.

Congratulations to...:
...Patricia Hunter who just celebrated her 29th wedding anniversary. She actually married the same man twice. Read her inspring story at A Chord of Three Strands is Not Easily Broken.

...Adrienne and the new addition to her family. They recently adopted a little two year old boy.

It's a blog world after all: The blogosphere is growing tremendously. Everyday it's connecting people and ideas faster than ever before. Especially among families that homeschool. The website is fast approaching their 3000th blogger. To celebrate they are giving away a prize to the 3000th blogger and the person or blog that refers them. To find what the prize is click here. The time to start blogging has never been more right.

Family Farming: Nancy Carter wrote a post called "If you give a family a farm." I"m not a farmer nor do I ever hope to be one. But many homeschoolers enjoy the farm life and Nancy takes a humorous look at what happens when a family decides to get a farm.

Updating my blogroll: I've had some e-mails and comments from fellow bloggers asking to be added to my blogroll I'll get my executive assistant of SpunkyHomeschool to it some time today. If you would like to be added let me know.

There's alot going on around the blogosphere. I can't keep up with it all. Let me know what you're talking about.

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