Thursday, November 17, 2005

Notable Quotables

We Are Family!
Here are the words of a public school teacher at the Daily Grind admitting the parallels between the classroom and the family. While this teacher definitely espouses "Christian values" I find it troubling when a teacher seeks to make such strong comparisons between the classroom and the family. Here's some quotes,

Unconditional Love: When a student walks into my classroom, and that is what I am in control of, that student should know that whatever I do as a teacher is for their ultimate good.

On the Importance of Work: I want my classroom to be a place of hard work. True, gritty, work. Isn't that what we are preparing them for, a life of work?

Explore the Future: It is our responsibility to humanity to set the next generation up. We must lead them to it.

When a teacher claims that whatever they do is for the student's good, to prepare them for a life of work, all for the sake of humanity I don't need any more proof that the their goals are not even close to mine. (Hat tip: Carnival of Education hosted by Edwonk.)

Where are the young evangelists?
But maybe this teacher is correct. From the Washington Post It seems more and more schools are having a hard time controlling certain "family" behaviors in their high school students. The administration is perplexed while the teens don't care. Here's a quote.
Perhaps the most shocking thing about students having s*x in a high school auditorium was that other students didn't find it very shocking at all.
And our young "missionaries and evangelists" in the schools are supposed to stand up and say what while this is going on? (Harriet Jacobs blogged about this as well. )

Telling it like it is!
From World Net Daily, Vox Day calls it exactly right on the recent court decisions and the state of education in this country and around the world. If you think I'm blunt about the public schools here's a few quotes from him,

This is why Marx, Lenin and Hitler were all supporters of public schooling in their attempts to permanently secure the individual's services for the State. The standing in line, the bullying, the drudgery and boredom of the mind-numbing daily school routine is not incidental to the education of the schoolchild, it is the education. Contrary to what most parents believe, it is actually reading, writing and arithmetic that are entirely incidental to the true purpose of public school - subservience is the "socialization" of which educationists correctly complain that homeschooled children lack. (snip)

The homeschooling movement was inevitable, as it is only a symptom of the fundamental conflict between Christianity and the utilitarian collectivism that lies below the surface of the public-school system.

Amen and Amen! (Note: This quote was editted from earlier today.) (Hat tip: Jackie)

So to my public school readers (and I know there are a few) how bad does the situation have to get before you decide that enough is enough?

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