Friday, November 11, 2005

National Testing

A few people commented after I posted about who should be called a homeschooler. Some thought it trivial or argumentative to make distinctions based on whether the family uses a government provided curriculum or not. Well this article that first appeared in the New York Times this week and now reprinted here demonstrates why it is so important.
Americans must recognize that we need national standards, national tests and a national curriculum.
There is momentum building for a national curriculum and exam. Homeschoolers who use the government provided curriculums would most likely be included in the requirements of a national curriculum or exam. Currently homeschoolers are exempt from a national exam. But the effects would be chilling on those who don't use this curriculum and standard.

The responsibility would shift to prove why the NON government "homeschoolers" should be treated any differently than the government "homeschoolers". A disctinction is necessary. Most homeschool because they do NOT want the government telling them what to teach their children or have them tested. Here's what Chris Klicka said of virtual charters and vouchers
I believe the soul of the home schooling movement is at stake. How we respond to virtual charter schools and vouchers will determine the extent home schooling remains free from government controls in the future.
So it is important that homeschoolers understand that for the sake of establishing "unity" or financial help they may be giving up their liberty as well.

To read more HSLDA has written about it here and here. and here.

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