Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Homeschooling News and other stuff

Nominations are coming in steadily for the awards. There are so many talented bloggers. This is a way to showcase your favorites. Keep them coming. There is an email option if you would like to nominate that way as well.

Homeschoolers and the Military,
Daryl had an update on homeschooling and military recruitment. There is a homeschool ammendment being put in a Defense Bill that could be a problem for homeschoolers. Make sure you read it.

Homeschool Newsletters
Speaking of the military, did you know that The Old Schoolhouse Magazine also has a newsletter just for those that homeschool while in the military? They do. And many others too. You can get all the information by visitng the TOS Company Couch . They have a a list of them all and a way to sign up. (Scroll down to the bottom of the blog.)

Homeschooling in the News,
From Indiana's Channel 8 comes an interesting interview with a professor who studies homeschooling. He found that 96% of Indiana's public school superintendants believe homeschoolers are not sufficiently regulated and 54% think they should be tested. So a parent can say nothing about what the school teaches but the schools want oversight of the parent? Some doesn't get it. I don't serve the state. (HT: Number 2 Pencil)

A humble thank you,
To Randi at I Have to Say for nominating me for the Blog of Beauty Award in the Homeschool Category. I am a finalist. So I guess for those who were bummed that I took my name out of the running for the Homeschool Blog Awards, here's your chance.

Seven Sevens

Catez tagged me for the Seven Sevens. I"m supposed to answer seven questions and then tag seven people. Here goes.

1. Seven things to do before I die

1. See all my children walk in truth with the Lord.
2. Write a book.
3. Learn to draw better.
4. Take a trip with my parents.
5. Learn how to knit something more than a dish rag.
6. See a grandchild born. Hopefully more than one.
7. Run a 10k race. I'm too lazy for a whole martahon.

2. Seven things I cannot do

1. Jump
2. Say no to Starbuck's Coffee
3. Quit homeschooling my children.
4. Divorce my husband.
5. Decide when I die.
6. Keep up with the laundry. Especially the unmatched socks.
7. Change a flat tire.

3. Seven things that attract me to my husband.

1. He's a man of God.
2. He know's how to change a tire.
3. He loves to spend time with me.
4. He knows how to balance a checkbook.
5. He's never gives up.
6. He loves history.
7. He very organized.

4. Seven things I say most often

1. No.
2. Time to eat.
3. However.
4. Everybody get in the van.
5. I love you.
6. Whatever.
7. Do it immediately if not sooner.

5. Seven books (or series) I love

1. The Bible. - God
2. The Disciplined Life - Richard Foster
3. Stepping Heavenward. - Elizabeth Prentiss
4. A Basket of Flowers - Christoph Von Schmidt
5. George McDonald Books
6, Little House on the Prairie - Laura Ingalls Wilder
7. The Excellent Wife - Martha Peace

6. Seven movies I watch over and over again (or would watch over and over if I had the time)

Not applicable. I have never been a movie watcher. There isn't anything I have watched that I would watch over and over again.

7. Seven people I want to join in, too

1. Andrea - A Typical Life
2. Kate - Under the Sky
3. Confessor - Confessions of Homeschool Dad
4. Deputy Head Mistress - Common Room
5. Susan - Ladies in Training
6. Barbara - Mommy Life
7. Randi - I Have to Say

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