Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Homeschooling Blog Awards

I've been sick all day. So this might just be a delirious dream of mine but I thought I would pitch the idea and see if it flies. The Evangelical Underground has their awards and so does Wizbang. But I thought it would be fun and encouraging to have our own little sub-sphere of awards. This isn't just a popularity contest but a way to recognize those that have great blogs and let others know about them. Let's face it blogging is a labor of love. And a little pat on the back every once in a while is a blessing.

So I'd like to open up the whole blogosphere to the
Homeschooling Blog Awards
If there are enough bloggers who think this is a good idea, I'll host it. Here are some of the categories that I thought of.

  • Best Homeschooling Mom Blog
  • Best Homeschooling Dad Blog
  • Best Homeschooling Family blog
  • Best Homeschooling Teen blog
  • Best Informational Homeschool blog
  • Best Inspirational Homeschool blog
  • Best Homeschooling Humor blog
  • Best Team / Group Homeschool Blog
  • Best Homeschool Curriculum / Business Blog
  • Best Homeschool Blog Design.
  • Best Canadian Homeschool Blog
  • Best International Homeschool Blog
More categories can be added or deleted. But I'd only do this if there is enough interest. So let me know what you all think. Maybe I'll even find someone to design a fancy little award to put on your blog. (Volunteers?)

If I do this I will accept nominations for a few weeks. I'll determine the deadline if there is enough interest. And then voting will begin after the nominating time has ended. Any one can nominate a blogger but nly those blogs that are homeschooling (or all graduated) will be allowed to be nominated.

So what do you think? Feel free to pass this along and ask your readers if they would like to see something like this. Leave your feedback in the comments but don't nominate anyone until I am certain this will be a go. I'll post another thread for nominations. Also, if you can think of another category, please share it as well.

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