Monday, November 14, 2005

Homeschooler missing, Parents Dead

UPDATE: Kara and her friend have been caught and arrested. Here's the link. Below is also a list of other bloggers talking about this tragedy. Including a father familiar with the family.

Homeschooler Kara Beth of PA is missing and her parents are dead. She is believed to be with an 18 year old young man named Mr. Ludwig. She met him through a homeschool network. Apparently the parents disapproved of the relationship and they had an argument. Quoting for the Post-Gazette,

We don't know whether she has been abducted or is willingly a part of this," Chief Seace said, but he added that until they can determine otherwise, police are 0perating on the assumption that Kara had been kidnapped.
According to Stephanie Mannon, a 16-year-old friend who had worked with the Mr. Ludwig,

He and Kara had been seeing each other secretly. "Their parents didn't approve of them being together" because of the age difference, she said. "It wasn't because he was a shady character, because he wasn't."
So very sad.

Also blogging this story.
Agent Tim shares his perspective as a homeschool teen on this tragic story.

My 16 year old daughter, Spunky Jr. shares her thoughts about respecting a parent's decision.

Local PA father David King talks about how homeschooling is not the answer. Here's a quote
It is not what a man does that either defiles him, nor sanctifies him. His heart, if it is defiled, will produce defiled works. His heart, if it is yielded to the influence of the Spirit of God, will produce works that are approved of God.

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