Friday, November 25, 2005

Friday Leftovers

Thanksgiving dinner was at my home yesterday. I served up turkey, ham, and all the fiixins' to our family of 8, my sister's family of 8, my parents, and a friend, accompanied by his daughter. It was wonderful. A special thanks to my husband. He saved the day when yours truly put 10 pounds of potato peels down the kitchen sink. He is my "Knight in shining plumber".

While we're working on the leftover food here's a few leftovers from the week that I just haven't gotten around to blogging about.

Wife Swap
Remember the Wfie Swap invitation many of us received back in the summer? There was no way we were going to do the show. The casting director, Lori Malkin even left a comment on my blog doubling the earnings for whoever was chosen. She also tried to downplay any wrong motives on the part of the show. Here's part of what she said,
Everyone's spirtuality is there own and we would never allow someone to push their morals or values onto someone else. And by the way, we are going to be doubling the amount we pay families to $20,000!!!
I didn't buy it then and the claim sounds even less convincing today. Jo's Boys informs us of a lawsuit filed by one of the contestants for mispresresentation by the show. The "wife" they gave him was actually a gay man! The Muskogee Phoenix has the story.

(Hat tip: Kate at Under the Sky)

Fashion Distress
From the Wahington Post,

Mothers voice distress over the suggestive clothing their teen and preteen daughters are wearing, inside and outside the house.
It is truly sad what girls are wearing today. Did someone forget to tell them that camisoles belong UNDER a shirt? Thankfully, Spunky Jr. and the little Spunkettes have no interest in dressing or "undressing" this way.

(Thanks to frequent commenter CJ for the tip.)

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