Saturday, November 19, 2005

Because La Shawn says I need one

One of La Shawn Barber's pet peeves is a blog without an "about me" link.

Sooooo in an effort to please La Shawn (my inspiration but who probably won't read this actually read it and commented) and all others who care to know, here's a little about me. (And besides it's Saturday and I have a baziillion things to do today because today is Michigan -vs- Ohio State and I have about twenty people coming to watch the game and my son is turning 15 as well and so that means not only do we get to celebrate a Michigan victory but another year with my terrific son and since what is really important in life won't matter until that game is over which may be before this sentence that is going on so long that the only people still reading it are those that really want to know these mundane facts about me because all others have been run off by my run on sentence soooo.....

I will tell the few remaining people (who must be pretty bored today because they're still reading this) and Jackie (who reads all my posts the good, the bad, and the boring) all the things about me that you never really wanted to know but that La Shawn said I should tell you so here goes! )

I'm a...

...Christian. (I hope this was obvious.)
...Daughter to the best parents in the world. (I want to be just like them when I grow up.)
...Wife to one very patient man. (Who let's me be me and loves me inspite of it!)
...Mom to six adorable Braunadoes (They're on my sidebar.)


...Got my nickname Spunky from my dad when I was 17. Somehow it stuck around. My real name is Karen Braun.
...Holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Michigan. (which is probably more BS than CS these days!)
...Homeschools all her children. (I don't think I needed to say that either.)
...Blogs because I have 42 years worth of stuff swirling in my head that my friends have all heard so many times that I need to find a new audience for it all. (Lucky you!)
...Drinks expensive coffee when others are buying (remember I don't have a real job.)
...Believes I am totally right about just about everything I believe. Otherwise I wouldn't believe it. And if you think about do too.
...Is totally normal in every way. It's the culture that's all messed up.

Lives in...
...A house that was too small the day we bought it. (No, it's not the one on my sidebar.)
...A suburb of Detroit
...The United States
...A suburb of the United Nations.

Anything else worth knowing about me really isn't so I'll end here. But if you really want to know anything else about me just ask. I may not answer but at least I'll know what else you're curious about! And as a bonus to those that read to the end here I am.


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