Thursday, November 10, 2005

Are All Parents Homeschoolers?

Apparently some didn't agree with Harvey Bluedorn's second item in the Seven Undeniable Truths of Homeschooling that I posted yesterday. Daryl commented at my other blog (looks identical)
Spunky, I have to disagree STRONGLY with #2. The g-school at home folks are constantly trying to call what they do "homeschooling," thus jeopardizing our
freedoms. In 1994, when this list was compiled, calling all parents homeschoolers might have been safe. No longer.
I replied in my comment back, I understand what you are saying Daryl. But I also think that what Mr. Bluedorn was saying is also true. In that, all parents are providing some sort of an education. All parents are teaching their children. Some are teaching them to rely on the government. But all parents educate. I don't think he was referring to the disctinctions in the home school community. Taken from that perspective, you are correct. Many who use that term do muddy the waters and make the laws difficult to interpret.

Daryl brings up a good point that I strongly agree with. Our freedoms are in jeopardy if we continue to allow the government to define homeschooling on their terms. Should we be working harder to make a distinction between those who "home educate" without the government and those who adopt the "government school at home" model? I understand that some parents choose this option for a variety of reasons. But should we call it homeschooling? How should we define homeschooling and who has the right to define it?

Update: Daryl also referred me to a short post written a while back by Tim that is excellent and worth a read. Here's a quote,
Every family who thinks little Johnny and Jill would simply learn better at home is really taking part in a revolution that fundamentally questions both the competence and the right of the state to determine what and how our children learn.
What do you think?

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