Monday, October 10, 2005

Who are you? I really want to know

When I began blogging, someone who worked in the journalism field for years, tried to convince me that I was a journalist. Her point was that I would have to conform to all the rules of journalism that a reporter at the NY Times would. While I have some of the qualities similar to a journalist, I keep referring to myself as a blogger. Clearly, I don't conform to all the rules of journalism. The closest I came to hard news reporting was when I confessed to my own crime of over due library books. (Which, I am happy to report I haven't needed a bail bondsman since!)

But as more and more bloggers take on the role as reporters of hard news and eyewitness correspondent, this may become more of an issue. And now Congress has introduced a law meant to define exactly who a journalist is. Its sponser said that bloggers would not considered in this legislations.

I'm not sure about this law and its impact on blogging yet. But I'm curious do you look at bloggers as journalists? Do you consider yourself a journalist? I have also heard the term "online diarist" bandied about as a definition for blogger? Are there certain bloggers that you would consider journalists?

As a side note, many journalists are opposed to this new law.

A key reason some journalists oppose the popular federal shield proposal is fear that giving Congress the power to define who is and isn't a journalist could lead effectively to the licensing of journalists.
This sounds like a similar argumet that many homeschoolers raise in opposition to HoNDA legislation

Anyway, I'm just cuirious. What do you consider yourself?

Oh yeah maybe I ought to add this is Spunky for Blogger Action News reporting. Now back to you Glenn.

Tueday Update:

Number One: Here's an interesting devloepment to the discussion: Yahoo just announced yesterday that it will feautre bloggers side by side with professional journalists. in its news searches
Yahoo said its move to combine professionally edited news alongside the work of grassroots commentators promises to enrich the sources of information on breaking news events
This development will be interesting to watch. As online news services and searches seek to get in on the popularity of blogging.

Number Two: Kate at Under His Wings posted a news story about a blogger being sued by another blogger for comments left on his blog.
Chris Soller, an attorney who specializes in First Amendment issues, said bloggers, like journalists, should be careful about what they are writing and who they are writing about.
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