Thursday, October 06, 2005

What I wish I knew

The thoughts started here were too encouraging to let linger in a comment box. So I moved them all to a post. Eventually, I'm going to keep this on my side bar. So feel free to add you comments and I'll keep adding them to the post.

What did I wish I knew? That I didn't have to do it the same way the school does, or how the program says. That's it's *okay* to not follow the directions. That even if a program says it is the best Christian one out there doesn't make it so. That the kids can learn all kinds of things without me "helping" them. - Andrea at Atypicalife

I wish I'd written more things down.
I wish we'd done fewer workbooks.

By Deputy Headmistress Who also has made a whole post about it here.

I wish I had had a schedule from the beginning. I wish I had not expected so much from my first born - at age 4. I wish I had had the Homeschool Tracker software earlier. I wish I had been more organized. I wish I had let my kids have workbooks (which they love) earlier. - Mrs. Happy Housewife

I'd listen more, correct less, encourage often, take more breaks. - Taking the Challenge (She also has a whole list at her post here.)

I would have started earlier and found a way to homeschool instead of sending my son to the private school he attended.I would have used Ambleside from the beginning instead of searching and buying too much curriculum. I absolutely love it. - Routon Family Homeschool

Reading out loud is precious family time. Moms should not read ahead.
Listen to the children. They offer a LOT - Kate and Under the Sky

I wouldn't have yelled at them for dropping pencils.
I would have used the Learnables for German from the beginning.
I would have used Spelling Power from the beginning.
- Monika at Monika's Message

I am very very new to homeschooling, as in this is my first year. I have a 5 year old, and we're calling this first grade. I think I would be a bit more prepared. I'd know more what is out there and what to use. Right now I have a little of this, a little of that, and I'm really winging it. (normal for me....) Virginia at Crazies from the Crazy Lady

Be humble. I would be more aware of the work God is doing to shape my character and grow fruit in my life in the midst of the daily grind and frustrations of raising and teaching our children. I would ask God, “What are You trying to teach me?” - Patricia Ann at PollyWog Creeek Porch ( That's just one of the many things this veteran HS mom shares you can read more here.)

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