Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Today's the day

It's supposed to arrive by priority mail. If it does I'll let you know it's here and the amazing story that goes with it.

In the meantime, Scott Somerville has re-opened his blog for discussion on HoNDA. So here's your chance to ask a lawyer for HSLDA any of your questions and concerns about this important piece of legislation that affects homeschoolers. HoNDA Blog also keeps us all up-to-date on the latest news.

And I have a question if anyone cares to answer. If you could begin homeschooling again what is something you would have done differently? Or what is something you wished you knew then that you know now? It doesn't matter how long you have been homeschooling to answer. I am rethinking all of my homeschooling as my 2 year old grows up.

Meanwhile, I'll just sit by the window and wait for the post man.

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