Sunday, October 23, 2005

Taught to Hate

Lamb and Lynx Gaede are a pair of thirteen year old homeschooled, twin sisters. They are also singers spreading a message of white supremacy to audiences all around the country. ABC News wants everyone to know that these are homeschooled girls. The underlying message is that all homeschoolers are intolerant and racist. This plays right into their hands. These are not the typical homeschooled girls and neither is the wrong message their mother is teaching them.

Sadly however, when the message of intolerance comes from school officials toward a 5- year old Christian kindergarten student who wants to put a picture o f Jesus into a poster about protecting the environment the same media is strangely silent. Isn't this just as intolerant?

Before you get mad at me thinking I don't know what a hate crime really is and that what the kindergartner is taught is different than the teens....Read what happened to our family a few years ago. by students taught to be tolerant of others beliefs. The effect of what is being taught in our public schools can be just as chilling as what these girls are learning. Trust me.

(Hat tip: Drudge Report and Joanne Jacobs)

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