Monday, October 10, 2005

Striving for perfection

I posted a few days ago on things I wished I knew then that would help me in my homeschooling today. Someone asked me what mine would be.

Here's one from my list....

I wish that I read God's Word more and trusted that He would show me the way.

By the time I began homeschooling I must have read or listened to a zillion different opinions on how it ought be done. Each sounded so convincing to this young mother desperate to do it all right. In my own insecurity, I believed their ideas and began implementing their plans into our home. Some worked. Many didn't. And the frustration of parenting and homeschooling was mounting.

Then one day I read my children the story by Max Lucado, "Song of the King". (God had to use another book to get my attention because I wasn't paying much attention to HIS.) It's a story about three knights in a race to marry the King's daughter. One is swift, the next strong, and the third is wise. The first two faulter because they rely on their own strength and abilities to aneuaver through treacherous territory. The third, the wise one, understands HE cannot do it alone and relies on the "song of the King" and the King's Son to help him make it safely.

I realized that is what I had been doing. I had been relying on second hand wisdom and strength to do a job that required a first hand relationship with Jesus and HIS Word. I began to read God's word and seek Him for the answers to my parenting and homeschooling issues.

So what I know now that I wished I had known then is that there is only ONE voice and ONE Book that can adequately prepare me to do the job well and finish strong. Other's opinions are useful but only as we bring them back to the God to see if that is HIS plan for me. In my zeal to be the "perfect" homeschooling wife and mother" I failed to do that too often.

I now realize that I cannot be the perfect homeschool mother doing it all right. But I am God's "perfect choice" to raise HIS children. And if I listen to HIS VOICE the fruit will be good.

And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD; and great shall be the peace of thy children. - Isaiah 54:13
I share more of my story and how God changed my heart in From Honeymoons to Happy Homes.

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