Thursday, October 27, 2005

Something you'll never read here

From the Editor's Blog at Good Housekeeping Magazine, who went back to work this week for the first time after the birth of her child three months ago, (Note: This is a combination of three entries)

Baby Meets the Sitter: It's very weird to turn over your tiny child to a virtual stranger and trust her to give him back in the same happy state in which he was delivered. Talk about a leap of faith

Working Mom, Day 1 My heart broke this morning when the babysitter wheeled Fox away from me in his stroller. I could hear him meowing as he rolled down the street. But I didn't go after him: Instead, I turned in the other direction and went to work. (snip)

So as I sit at my desk for the first time in three months, I'm trying to focus not on how much I miss my little pumpkin but on all the good things about being here.

Working Mom, Day 3
I've only been at work for two and a half days (not that I'm counting), but it's clear why there's a best-selling novel called I Don't Know How She Does It: because combining work and motherhood is really hard. (snip)

One of the main tools in my arsenal is my pictures of Fox. I have six of them on my bulletin board, and I plan to bring in more. I look at them every time I miss my boy -- which means that I've been staring at them almost constantly.

I'm not judging this woman for her decision. She seems like a talented writer and concerned mother. She's free to decide what's right and I wish her all the best. I"m just thankful after reading her entry that this is one worry I've never had. I "chose home" a long time ago and never looked back in regret. I hope some day she'll feel the same way about her decision.

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