Saturday, October 29, 2005

Separation of Church and Home(school)

Cindy made some interesting statements in my home church post.

I think a lot of homeschoolers confuse the issue of church and school. While God has not ordained a particular school or type of education, other than the parents being responsible, He has ordained His church.

It seems to me that what a lot of homeschoolers are doing is saying, "I am responsible for my child's education so I am going to do it myself. Nobody has the authority to tell me how to educate my child," and then going from there to saying, "Nobody has the authority to tell me where to go to church or how to do church or what to do at all in the matter of church." The latter statement is not true, because God has given authority to the church and its officers.

We Americans are so independent that we like to think that no one has the right to tell us what to do in any area. So I think that some homeschoolers have authority issues, and some just don't understand the nature of the Church. Homeschoolers are about the worst group to please in a church, too, because they do think, and they tend to think that many more issues are worth leaving over than perhaps are really Biblical reasons to leave (such as doctrine).

I do homeschool my children, in case you are wondering. But I think that we Americans in this post-modern culture have a very low view of the Church. Then we get into the issues of who is qualified to lead a church (ordained or not?) and what exactly constitutes a church. It's not simply a matter of preference (I am unhappy in my church so I think I will homechurch). You certainly can make that choice, but it may be a very unbiblical one, and God does not bless disobedience.

This is all very timely for me as we seek to find a new church home. Our previous church consisted of about 40 homeschooling families. Yet, it is in major turmoil. What are your thoughts on what Cindy has said? I think she makes some valid observations. Do homeschoolers tend to leave over issues that are not necessarily Biblical reason to leave (such as doctrine)?

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