Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Purity in an age of temptation

"How can a young man keep his way pure? By keeping it according to thy Word." Psalm 119:9

As the parents of two teenage boys we desire to teach them to keep their way pure. My husband, Steve, read a book recently, given to us by Mind & Media that provides some helpful tools for men to avoid the sexual temptation of this world. We have seen the devastating effects of pornography and adultery on marraige and family. It is our hope to keep our marriage pure and to teach our children that God's Word and His truth can overcome the temptations in this age. Here is his review.

Think Before You Look
Avoiding the Consequences of Secret Temptation
By Daniel Henderson

Men face sexual temptation every day. Those who say they don't are deluded, liars, or dead. American culture is awash in sexual imagery. You cannot escape it. Yet God calls men to purity and holiness.

How can a man protect himself? The key is to be proactive by avoiding situations or images that are tempting and to be prepared for temptation when confronted by it. That's why Think Before You Look by Daniel Henderson is the perfect resource for every man who desires victory over the tyranny of our pornographic culture.

Henderson takes the reader through short chapters of positive, affirming principles that he calls "40 powerful reasons to avoid pornography." They are powerful reasons and he presents them as the positive outcomes of victory rather than the dire consequences of defeat. It is a very uplifting book.

Don't be misled, however, into thinking this is just a book about avoiding traditional pornography found in magazines, videos, or on the internet. Henderson challenges men in every aspect of their thought life. He tells it like it is in plain, bold language. He is not nasty or crude, but rather truthfully refreshing. For example, Henderson ends chapter 24 with this challenge:

"Don't settle for cheap substitutes of ink-dot images or video screen counterfeits. There is something much better and He calls you to it and to Him every minute of every day."

That's telling it like it is.

It gets even better though. Rather than preaching spiritual theory, Henderson brings each point down to a practical level of application, including a list of" 40 practical pointers for avoiding pornography" as an appendix. There’s something here of value for every man, no matter where he is in life or how desperate his struggle with pornography.

Henderson concludes the book by stating,

"I've done my best to equip you to win the battle against pornography one day at a time, one hour at a time, one thought at a time, one decision at a time, using one nugget of truth at a time."

I say "Mission accomplished!" and I heartily recommend this book to every man.

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