Friday, October 28, 2005

Open Blog Friday!

With a nod to Rush Limbaugh, I will open this post up to anything you want to comment on. You can ask a question, tell what your blogging about, or just plain vent about how much something bugs you, or how much you love your husband or wife. Or whatever...It's wide open.

Here's a few things that I've been thinking or reading about.

Halloween: For those who read the Homeschooling and Halloween post, you may be interested to know that there are a few public schools that are giving up on Halloween too. They cite a growing senstivity to diverse religious groups and state core curriculum requirements as the reason. Catez has an excellet persepecitive on this tradition titled Another Loss of Innocence - the Cultural Imposition of Halloween.

Home Church: In that same post, lots of people had opinions on church and home churches. There was a link to an article called Why I don't go to church anymore that was interesting to read. Also, Gregg Harris's post on the church. He's a homeschool father of seven, author, and elder in his church. The post talks about his church's vision to combine the strongest elements of various differing church groups.

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

The Fall issue of The Old Schoolhouse should be in your mailbox soon if it hasn't already arrived. I'm enjoying writing for them. The publishers are a wonderful couple with an awesome attitude and desire to encourage homeschooling families in their life and faith. There's loads of good information about higher education. I wrote a piece on Education Refrom. And there's much more. So if you're not currently a subscriber I'd encourage you to check out this issue out and find out what you're missing.

Boggers Choice Award: Congratulations to the winner in the Juggling with Hamsters Writing Contest. You can read her wonderful entry here.
If you're looking for The HomeshoolBlogger column, that was bumped to the winter issue. There will be interviews with some prominent Christian bloggers and also features on some of newest and finest bloggers. I'm sorry to all who thought they'd be in this issue but you'll be in the next one for sure. But there is a silver lining. When the publishers go to Europe early next year, they are taking along loads of extra copies to give away. So this issue will be the one to be in. (The theme is blogging.)

Are You New to Homeschooling?
If you're just beginning to investigate homeschooling you might also want to check out this pamphlet. (PDF Format) It's by quite a few veteran homeschoolers. one of which is the husband of the wonderful author of Tapestry of Grace. That's the currciulum we're using this year. (And loving it. My kids think so too.) Oh, and he's also a father of six and a lawyer with HSLDA so I guess he knows a thing or two about homeschooling as well.

From the Heartland
This was the most refreshing thing I've read all week. It's a heartwarming story of a community's willingness to share the burden of a farmer at harvest time. They don't call it the heartland for nothing. These people are generous and amazing.

Entertaining Homeschoolers
If were as sickened by the two young homeschooled "entertainers" that are preaching their sorry message, you might be heartened to know that there is a group meeting down in Texas who have a vision to change the culture of entertainment. The Rebelution (Alex and Brett Harris and twin sons of Gregg Harris mentioned above) has been following all the activities there.

Blogging Teens
And don't forget to vote for Spunky Jr. for Teen Blogger of the Year. There have been rumors of ballot stuffing from less than honorable teens. So we want to make sure that Spunky Jr. wins by a wide enough margin to prevent another Florida type recount! VOTE HERE!

Look who was published!
And congrats to Andrea of Atypical Life! She was published in Home Education Magazine.

Stupid Comment Award
This was a comment left at Number 2 Pencil . She posted about parents monitoring the after school / online phys -ed activities of students in Minnesota so they can eliminate gym class during school hours. Peter said,

Sounds like an excellent idea, with one caution. Can parents, many of whom no doubt have (non-fond) memories of their own phys ed classes, really be trusted to monitor their childrens' activities?
So I ask you if we can't trust parents to monitor their children's outside activities why do they even let them go home at the end of the day? (By the way, I hated gym as a child. I was always the last kid to be picked for everything!)

Funniest Photo Award
This photo comes from Coie Ig, daughter of Jen Ig homeschool mom of 6 and publisher of The Old Schoolhouse. A real cooked book!

So what's on you mind or blog today?

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