Monday, October 10, 2005

My Monday Morning Mood

It's raining and gray out side but I'm in a great mood. Why? Because we get to homeschool. And that makes me smile. Think about it. Today, we get to wake up, hug our children, teach them the ways of the Lord, and the things they should know about living a life for HIM. We get to homeschool our children. Do you realize what an awesome privilege God has granted to us. We get to homeschool. God has granted every parent in every land this right but not all know it or have the freedom to exercise their liberty. But we do!

Alyx left this comment on my blog over the weekend.

I am struggling right now with a public school system which believes it is their right to parent my children. I live in Sweden and we are the first family in this area to educate our children at home. The director of the school board is incensed that I would dare to have control of my own children without asking permission from the state first. Right. This man professes to be a Christian and yet the sanctity of the family seems to mean nothing to him. He only cares to win the battle and he shows little ethics. The government doesn't own my children; I don't even own them! But I was appointed by God to raise them to His glory and I take that VERY seriously.

And let's not forget the fight Christian parents in Germany are facing.

So if you are discouraged that your teen hasn't mastered Calculus yet or that you toddler hasn't graduated out of diaper school . Put it all in perspective. Many parents in different parts of the world would gladly trade places. If your looking at the calendar and tempted to think it's gonna be a long year. Take a breath, hug your children, smile, and thank God because today we get to homeschool.

If that doesn't get you going try this.

And then go hug your kids again and tell them you're glad they're home.

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