Monday, October 03, 2005

Life according to ME

Okay, I know that life doesn't revolve around me. But if it did here are a few things that would change if I were in charge.

1. A product I could buy called FOOD. So that when the children ask, "What's to eat." I can pull out the box and answer "food". And this box of food would meet all the nutrtional requirements of whatever administration cares to tell me I need to meet them. (Lucky Charms doesn't count.)

2. Pencils that never got lost, broken, or run out of lead.

3. Children who don't change sizes between loads of laundry.

4. Two dryers.

5. Socks that took a vow to stay married.

6. A swtich to turn my brain off when I don't want to think anymore. Me thinks I doth think too much.

7. Children that understand that when I am on the computer that this isn't the time to do whatever they want. (Hey! I'm just being honest.)

8. Blog entries that would go from my head to the screen without having to sit at the computer at type them in.

9. Someone to make a list of things I need to do each day. So that if I didn't get them all done I could say that it wasn't my idea in the first place and therefore not my fault.

10. A way to impart wisdom to my children without watching them go through the experiences necessary to get it.

11. A time machine to look into the future for just a short time to make sure that my children didn't turn out too badly despite all my stupid mistakes.

12. My family to think that the world revolves around me and behave accordingly.

And just one more thing to make it all complete

13. Coffee that you could make a home that taste likes Starbucks.

Anyone have any more to share.....I'd love to hear them.

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