Monday, October 24, 2005

Homeschooling, Halloween, and Home church

Halloween: In a previous post, Tim Challies admits to being conflicted on whether to participate in Halloween. After a lively discussion, Tim then wondered if there was a connection between those who homeschool and those who choose NOT to celebrate Halloween. And he also speculated on possible reasons.

What would interest me, though, is if there is a connection between home schooling and Halloween participation. I realize this will probably offend many homeschoolers, and I am certainly not trying to be offensive, but would be interested in knowing if there is a connection between a refusal to participate in Halloween and a committment to homeschooling.

I would imagine there is a connection and will provide two reasons why I believe this. The first is that some people seem to be naturally a little bit more isolationist or independent than others. It is likely easier for such people to remove themselves from activities such as Halloween as they have already practiced this type of seperation. Secondly, I would guess that many Christian parents who, either reluctantly or enthusiastically allow their children to trick-or-treat do so because they do not want their children to feel different than the other children in school. Obviously this is not an issue for homeschoolers.

We've never struggled with this issue. We don't particpate. It was settled before children. And our children have accepted it as normal. I suspect that Tim is correct that there is a connection between those that homeschool and halloween. In our homeschool community the vast majority do not participate in Halloween. Some go to an alternative church party. Others just stay home. How about among your friends. Is there a connection between homeschooling and NOT participating in Halloween? (Blestwithsons shares her thoughts on Halloween as a homeschooler who participates.)

Home church: In the same post, Tim also wondered if there's a connection between homeschooling and home church. He observes,
In recent weeks I have learned of several people who worship in the home on Sundays, either as a family or with the participation of another family or two. While I know that not all (or even most) homeschoolers home church, all of the people I know of who home church also home school.
We have thought about home church especially in light of recent personal church issues. But at this point we have not done so. I have two relatives who homeschool and home church. It is an interesting point of observation. Is there a connection between homeschooling and home church as well. Do you home church? Do you know people who home church but NOT homeschool?

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