Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Homeschool Evangelism

A new organziation has sprung up with the hopes of encouraging homeschooling families to mentor new families in homeschooling. Homeschooling: Family to Family asks us to....
extend the hand of Christian fellowship as a home-schooling mentor to help a new family set aside personal fears and begin to home school. We want to encourage seasoned home schoolers to mentor at least one family per year by reaching out to relatives and friends and by helping them take the first step into home schooling! As experienced home schoolers, we can transform those inevitable kitchen-table and backyard conversations into positive home schooling outreach. And, in some cases, mentoring a new family into home schooling will become an opportunity to share the Gospel of Christ.
I love homeschooling. And I'll share its benenfits to all who ask. I've helped many families begin homeschooling. But I'm not sure I want to make converting people to homeschooling my mission. I homeschool because of my love for Christ and obedience to HIS WORD. My zeal to homeschool comes from the great commisision.- "Go out into all the world and make disciples..." The first disciples are my own children.

I will continue with Christ's commission. In the process, I know many will understand the need and benefits of homeschooling. Some will be moved to action and change how they educate their children. But I'm not going to preach homeschooling in the hopes of sharing Christ with some. I am going to preach Christ to all with the hope that some will homeschool.

For more reading: Why Do We Educate.

Thanks to Daryl and Scott for the tip.

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