Friday, October 07, 2005

The EGO System

I didn't think I cared. I really didn't think so. That is while I was evolving forward. And then mysteriously, I went down. Way down.

Spunky Jr. tried to console me. Saying that it really didn't matter. That I'm still her favorite blogger....yada yada yada. And then she went down from an adorable little rodent to a slithering reptile in one shining moment. And suddenly it mattered to her too. What am I talking about. The Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem.

Seems like alot of animals felt the tremors as NZ Bear & Co. kicked their computers (the techie term is reboot) trying to get things realigned and adding new features to the Ecosystem. So now I'm somewhere between the two. Does that make me a maruading mammal or a large marsupial? Oh well. I'm back to not caring. (I think.)

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