Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Did we really need another study?

I guess in our scientific "prove it to me" atmsophere, people won't believe anything anymore unless we spend money, study it, and then declare it true. So here's another study from Britain to tell us what we already knew. Motheres Provide the Best Care for Children.

Since this is a British study, they could have saved themselves a bunch of money and just bought a copy of The Original Home Schooling Series by British author Charlotte Mason. This work was first published in 1886. In her second book in the series, "Parent and Children" on p. 15 when referring to a neighboring country that had set up "maternal schools" to teach children about the virtues of a proper citizen she said,

Perhaps such public disposition of parents is the last calamity that can befall a nation....

once alienation has been set up, once the strongest and sweetest tie has been loosened, and the parents have been publically delivered from their duty, the desecration of the home is complete, and we shall have the spectacle of a people growing up orphaned almost from their birth....

Parents who hold their children as at the same time a public trust and a divine trust, and who reconize the authority they hold as deputed authority, not to be trifled with, laid aside, or abused - such parents preserve for the nation the immunities of home, an safeguard the privileges of their order.

It's not just that mothers are best for their children. That's indisputable. But children who are raised by their parents are what's best for a nation.

Hat tip: Albert Mohler

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