Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Carnivals and other stuff

Once again, Ed Wonk has done a great job with this weeks Carnival of Education!

I submitted something to the the Christian Carnival over at White Ribbon Warriors and it will be up within the few days.

Other stuff...
Spunky Jr. has been nominated for teen blogger of the year. While all the teen bloggers are great, I'm partiall to my namesake. If you think the same way, go on over and cast your vote.

But if you're more the techno type, I would recommend you vote for Jake at Mission 3:16. His mother doesn't blog so I'm willing to fill him and give him a little help. (After all he did re-design my blog template I guess I can do something in return.) Sorry Tim, you're a nice guy but what have you done for me lately!?!

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