Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Bible

"Dear Steve,

I'm writing because I saw a bible on e-bay that I think might be part of your family history. You don't know me but I would like to help you acquire this Bible for your family. Are you a relative of William Fletcher Hughey?

And so began a month long ordeal to acquire the Civil War Bible of Steve's great-great-grandfather. The gentleman who inquired (Bill from CA) eventually teamed up with another bidder (LeRoy from OH), in an effort to win the auction. They eventually lost the eBay bid to a man in North Carolina. But through some maneuvering and another benefactor we were given this Bible.

A hearty thank you to a stranger, who found the bible on eBay, googled the name in the bible and found Steve's website Civil War Dad's and thought that he should have the bible that once belonged to his great great grandfather. And to the other collector who gave up his hope for the bible and generously contributed so that Steve could purchase the bible from the man who won.

William Fletcher Hughey fought as a private in the Civil War. This was the army issue bible that he carried with him. Along with the bible, there is also a handwritten note from his daughter.

We didn't know the bible existed. The men who wanted to bless Steve didn't know of his love for the Christ and personal interest in the Civil War. We are grateful to two men who don't even know us, who wanted to bless Steve, and return the bible to a family relative. We are blessed indeed.

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