Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tapestry of Grace

Our curriculum, Tapestry of Grace by Marcia Somerville, (wife to Scott) arrived just before we left on our small vacation. I spent a little bit of time reading it over the weekend. I think this will work out well for us. It is a literature based history curriculum.

Our family is sort of split into three groups right now. My oldest two children, Kristin and Jason, do high school work. My younger two girls, Katie and Elizabeth, do upper elementary, and my middle son, Josh, floats between them. Tapestry of Grace divides children by stages in a similar fashion and not by age so this works out well for us. It is designed to teach differing levels a historical period at their level.

We're doing Volume 4 (1900's) this year because that is what Kristin and Jason wanted to focus on . The reading for them looks interesting and challenging.

The year is subdivided into four 9-week units. We'll start Unit 1 "Casting off the Moorings" next week.

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