Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Take Your Parent to School Day

Schools are spending thousands of dollars trying to figure out ways to get parents involved in the education of their children.

Here's a few examples,

A group called Chalkboard is spending $30,000 to get a web page up to help parents track student homework. What ever happened to the good old days when you just pinned a note to the child and sent him home. Imagine how many safety pins you could buy for that amount of money.

Or how about this school district in AZ that is running night school for Mom and Dad.
Through "parent universities," schools are bringing parents and teachers together for night classes to discuss the best ways to encourage learning at home.
Be still my beating heart! For a minute there I almost thought they might be advocating homeschooling.

And in Australia they are begging parents to run the public schools again. I love this quote.
"Barry McGaw will tell a conference today that public schools should be run like private schools to ensure they do not become "a residual provider bogged down in
I think he's a little late on the "bogged down" aspect. And has he considered that private schools only require those schools whose children enroll to pay the bill!

It is ironic that the state has "compulsory attendance" thereby removing the most basic layer of inovlvement and then then the state complains when parents aren't involved in the process.

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