Thursday, September 22, 2005

A statement of unity in the midst of conflict

On Monday, The Old Schoolhouse published a review of my critique of Created to Be His Help Meet. Including a statement by the Pearls endorsing this review. This caused quite a stir among some in the blogosphere.

Here is a joint statement from both me and the great folks at The Old Schoolhouse.

Thank you to all who have expressed their opinion about the book, Created to Be His Help Meet and the review by Spunky and her husband. It is obvious that emotions are strong on both sides. Thank you to Deborah Wuehler for taking the time to write a review of what Spunky said and answering some of the objections that were raised. Your time and devotion to the Lord and that task is commendable.

While it may appear to some that the publishers of the The Old Schoolhouse, their Senior Editor, and Spunky are at odds with each other, nothing could be further from the truth. We are united in Christ and our friendship is stronger than ever. We do not discourage honest debate of critical issues facing homeschoolers today. This book is one such example. As long as the debate remains civil and constructive we encourage all who call HomeschoolBlogger home to "study to show themselves approved unto God and rightly divide the word of truth". And part of that means allowing the blogs to be used to challenge each one of us to look at what we believe in light of the Word of God and what it teaches.

As iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another. We all have been sharpened by this discussion. The Publishers and Spunky stand together to provide a format for you to encourage each other and sharpen one another. And to that end we stand as one even if on particular issues there is disagreement. Our relationship is not predicated on the idea that we all must think the same way but on the truth that it is Jesus Christ who unites us. And in that you can be sure we all agree.

Thank you to the wonderful people at The Old Schoolhouse for providing me with a wonderful friendship, and great magazine and website.

God Bless,
Paul and Gena Suarez
Jenefer Igarashi
Deborah Wuehler

(Note: For certain reasons I was not able to mention the TOS official review on my blog until today. Thanks for your understanding. Spunky)

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