Friday, September 02, 2005

Sad and senseless

This is from Doug Phillips blog;

We just received this from our friend, Franklin Sanders. Please know Vision Forum will be making a donation to help this family in their time of need.

Dear Ones:

Last night Michael Osborne was murdered in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Michael was formerly my business partner, a co-defendant in our federal trial, one of my closest friends in the world, and a dear Christian brother. Michael's wife, Nancy, drove to Memphis with their two daughters yesterday because Hurricane Katrina had blown two trees on their house. About 7:00 p.m. Michael went to Lowe's to get a part for his malfunctioning generator, which they didn't have. They directed him to another store in a bad section of town. Somebody shot him in his car, which then ran off the road into a telephone pole. It's not known whether the shots or the impact killed him.

Michael and Nancy have six children, two grown daughters, and at home two teenage sons, and two young daughters. Would you please pray for them? The funeral will be next week, after the coroner's inquest.I am sure that the storm has devasted the Osbornes financially, and the whole support of four children at home now falls on Nancy. If you would like to send her a donation, send it to:

Nancy Osborne
c/o John Spearman
9045 Spring Grove Cove
Cordova, TN 38018

Lord, have mercy on us! Christ, have mercy on us! Lord, have mercy on us!

Yours in the bonds of Christ,
Franklin Sanders

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