Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The next generation speaks

It is always so encouraging to see young people grapple with the tough issues that face homeschoolers today. Alex at Smart Homeschool is doing just that in an excellent little series on "What's Wrong With Public Schools". He starts it off with this satement.
It seems the public school system is riddled with problems, but today I'd like to look at just one of them - its effect on a person's faith.
And through a thoughtful analysis comes to the conclusion,
Of course, all this analysis simply backs up what God has already said through his word; that the parents are the best ones to teach their children.
His wilingness to look at the tough questions in a scriptural way is just outstanding. And then to articlulate them so well is a real blessing.

What's even more amazing is that this is one of the dynamic duo at Still Thinking that did my web redesign. (Can you tell I really like these kids!)

Talk about timing! No sooner do I post this, that I see Agent Tim has also blogged about it too!

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